Saxophones, Sousaphone, Tuba, Flutes, Clarinet, Bass Trombone … Here is my story.

Sent at 8 eight years to the neighbourhood music school, at saxophone due to a lack of staff in the city orchestra (i wanted to play the trumpet, by the way…), and after trying to spend a «classic» life, becoming Chemical & Physical Measurements Superior Technician, i definitely choosed to blow horns.

Actually, Saxophone is not so bad !

After few years learning with N. Dary, A. Villéger, P. Macé, T. Russo, N. Folmer and E. Spanii (Paris 9th conservatory), i created a big band named L’Oreille Cassée, for wich i wrote all the pieces, and i recorded a CD album with Inama, co-led jazz sextet rewarded at Saint-Germain-des-Prés and La Défense 2007 Festivals.

As saxophonist, clarinetist & flutist, i collaborated with Fred Maurin’s contemporary jazz orchestra Ping Machine and led the 1000 Bornes Trio. I still take part in Banda Les Verres Luisants, friends brass-band from city orchestra (see above), who preferred rugby stadiums and fiestas to concerts and commemorations in churches with shiny leather shoes

Here comes 2005 summer, and a Sousaphone with it. Huh ?! How does it works…
After some doubtfull moments, i start to like it and to feel like a bassist (place i had in Banda Los Amarillos, but with a Baritone sax…). I decide to learn Tuba (with Fred Marillier & Jérémie Dufort). After some well-done-music-school-things, i became Tubist/Sousaphonist of Julien Soro’s Big Four, Julien Silvand’s New Orleans & Tap Dance band Les Oignons and Amina Mezaache’s brazilian 4tet Maracuja!
I also contributed to some free improvisation sessions (Amok Improv’).

April 2012 : 12 incredibles days in New Orleans, Louisiana, where i took straight from its source all the music i love, and met & played with huge musicians from Rebirth, Dirty Dozen, Stooges & Treme Brass Bands and some others… Birth of the 112 Brass Band, which is a meeting between acoustic hip hop and brass band on stage.

Fascinated by music in large ensembles, I have since joined L. Cugny’s Gil Evans Paris Workshop, who reunited a bunch of excellent young musicians (tuba, bass trombone & flute), Cartoons by Fred Pallem & Le Sacre du Tympan (flutes & saxes) and Surnatural Orchestra, poetic and moving collective (sousaphone).

In 2019, i joined Fred Maurin’s National Jazz Orchestra on reeds, playing Dancing In Your Head(s) (Ornette Coleman tribute), Rituels (original repertoire), Dracula (young audience), Ex-Machina (co-written by S. Lehman and IRCAM collab), Frame by Frame (progressive rock).

I can be heard on more than 35 recordings.